Thursday, September 30, 2010

Give-away Winner

It's time to annouce the winner of the first jUNKYARD rABBITS art give-away (Mr. Fu Manchu). All names were placed in a bowl and Rabbit drew the lucky winner's name...
AND the winner is ...Andrea Munoz.  Congratulations!!!!
I want to thank all the new Followers to the blog for joining.  The support for my art has been a great boost. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog GIVEAWAY Revealed

The big reveal! promised.
To be given away to one lucky Follower.

You still have plenty of time to add yourself as a
Follower of our blog in order to be part of
the random drawing that will take place
on Wednesday, Sept. 29 at 6:00pm.

Please remember if you choose to be a
"Private" Follower, you will need to leave me
a message in the comments section below
and let me know your email info.
I prefer that you follow "Publicly"...makes it a little
easier, plus you can add a cute icon pic of yourself!

The winning person's name will be posted
right here after the drawing. If you do not receive
an email from me by Thursday, Sept. 30,
this means I don't have access to your email info.
You will need to leave me a comment
on the blog posting
or send me an email.

Drum roll ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Meet Mr. Fu Manchu

Click on each pic to enlarge.

Croquet ball head with rhinestone eyes;
sugar bowl lid hat with tassel;
victorian lady's watch fob hair braid;
sugar bowl upper body;
glass oil lantern lower body filled with rice of course!

Good Luck to Everyone!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Published Design & Give-away

Bunny has another exciting announcement!  I am officially a published book cover designer.  A very close friend of mine has spent the last several years fulfilling one of her life goals, writing a prayer book and getting it published.  Wanda Lewis has written a very inspirational prayer book and I had the great pleasure of being asked to design the cover of the book along with furnishing her photographs of nature to be placed in the book along side her encouraging words.  The book is called "OUR PRAYERS How Unto THEE We Come".  This is a great book to give to a loved one as a gift.  Order now for Christmas!  Click here to take a look.


In my last post I mentioned that I was thinking about doing a give-away here on our blog.  I am in the process of creating a piece of art for this fun event.  All you have to do is add yourself as a follower to our blog and you will be entered to win.  The winning follower will be announced the week of September 27.

Please be sure that when you add yourself you are added as a "PUBLIC" Follower.  If you choose to follow "PRIVATELY" I have no way of knowing that you have been added unless you notify me via a "Comment" at the bottom of this post.  

Here are a couple of pics of the items being used in the give-away piece. Hum? What could it be?