Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gone a lot

Bunny here....
Sorry there have been no posts for the last two weeks. We've been kinda busy with Bunny's big sis coming for a weekend visit on August 14th. Had a great time hoppin' round North Texas with her. Drug her to an estate sale in Gainesville (picked up a plant stand for the guest bedroom) and Antique shopping at the closed Nocona Boot factory in Nocona, Texas (bought a double horse head gate topper). Also took her to the very large Antique Mall in Fort Worth that took us four hours to go through...and we didn't even finish. Rabbit bought a ton of old war history books at all the places we went...such a book hare he is.

Last weekend we took a trip to see Bunny's Dad and P...stayed in the "Tree Monkeys Bed and Breakfast". It's a small place but dang they make the best fried chicken in the state...thanks P. Also went to visit my little sis and my new baby neice...she is growing so much and is the cutest thing with all that hair!

This weekend we are headed back down to Houston for a visit with some good friends. Can't wait to see them!

Labor Day weekend we are headed to Austin to visit with Rabbit's mum and his little sis and her gaggle of kiddos...well there's only three, but that is a gaggle in my book.

So as you see we are pretty busy and on the road a lot so I will leave you with a piece I created for a friend (DB) that retired to the Texas Hill Country.

"Happy Trails" - Wooden cigar box, horseshoe,
Ford Mustang hood ornament, checkers,
and game letters.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ribbon Ceremony

Excited Bunny here -
Last night was the Ribbon Ceremony for the OMOT Art Show. Here are my entries for this year.

"Angel Bunny" - Color photograph of graffiti stencil
taken in the historic downtown of Wilmington, N. C.

"Bless" - Digital collage: Madonna statue photograph
and vintage blue bird image

"Thunderbird Passage" - Found object assemblage on
vintage cabinet door representing the passage
where the thunderbird transcends between
the worlds of fact and fiction.
This piece won First Place in the Mixed Media category.


"Horse Feathers" - I integrated my core illustration skills
with digital technology. The Pegasus was digitally drawn
in Illustrator and Photoshop to create a photo realistic
appearance and then was added over the enhanced
sunset photograph.
This piece won First Place for Computer Art and
Best of Show...woo hoo!

"Horse Feathers" will be on display at the NTBCA "On My Own Time" Art Show at North Park Mall beginning September 20, 2009. Make time to hop on over to the mall and take a look at all the North Texas talent.

With this kind of exposure, makes the dream of becoming a true professinal artist just that much closer to reality. A little scary, but wow, something that has always been in my heart. Thank you to all who enjoy the art I create.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

On My Own Time

It's Bunny...

The North Texas Business for Culture and the Arts puts on the "On My Own Time" Artshow each year to acknowledge and promote the talents of people who work for North Texas businesses. The NTBCA is a non-profit organization founded on 1988 to expand business support for and involvement in local arts and cultural organizations. You can visit the NTBCA website for more information.

Well it's that time of year again, the corporate in-house shows begin this week. I have entered four items this year. I'll be posting those at the conclusion of the exhibit.

Last year I entered three items in the 2008 "On My Own Time" Artshow. Two where entered in the Mixed Media category, "Faith" - a found object assemblage birdcage, and "Gilbert Lockheart" - a found object assemblage gentleman. I also entered "Sherry Time at 7" in the jewelry category.

Both "Gilbert Lockheart" and "Sherry Time at 7" won First Place ribbons in their categories at my workplace exhibit. "Gilbert" went on to be displayed at the city-wide exhibit at North Park Mall in Dallas.

"Faith - had she only known the key to freedom lay at her feet"

"Gilbert Lockheart" - the dashing young man that never
let the girls inside to break his heart

Sherry Time at 7 - Rosary beads, antique ladies watch,
antique buttons, Sherry decanter tag

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rabbit Rescues - Junk in da trunk

Rabbit here...with our most recent rescue. Found only a few blocks from our warren, this 1880s steamer trunk was bound for the rubbish pile (aka - the landfill). An emergency stop and 30 seconds of rabbits rushing around the brush and's ours! Nice hardware, cast iron rollers and a very intact inside lining were some of its virtues. The label and most of the outer leather strap are still there and as you can see it came with a pirates treasure inside!
Rabbits rate this a 14 carrot find.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

De Niece, Not De Nephew

Last Christmas Bunny did several mixed media photo renderings for family members. This one was for her older sis. It is of her gorgeous daughter, my oldest niece. The image was from a wedding photo. The image was brought into Photoshop and rendered using a filter. This image was used as a guide for the mixed media drawing. Her face was created using colored pencils and the black background was painted with acrylic paint. Rabbit cut and glued the frame pieces that were originally from the trim off a door we picked up in New Orleans at an architectural salvage place. And from our collection of game letters the word "daughter" was glued to the bottom.

Daughter - Mixed media painting
(click on image for an up-close look)