Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring

Well today is the first day of Spring and here in Dallas we have a chance of snow. Yes, that is right, it's going down to 32 degrees tonight and there is a Winter storm warning.  For the past two weeks the weather has been very spring like.  Us rabbits have ventured out of the warren and started work in the surrounding grasses.  The first signs of Spring include the red breasted robins lighting upon the budding oaks and maples singing like they are auditioning for American Idol.  The iris are blooming and we even bought and planted the last saucer magnolia tree that the nursery had.

The gorgeous weather got me (Bunny) wanting to create...something for the pasture.  I scavanged through the hutch and found these times.
Cyclone fence post toppers with roosters, jello mold,
lamp finial, and chain

Rabbit drilled holes into the edge of the jello mold and attached the finial to the bottom, which then became the top.

I then took the whole afternoon sitting out on the back deck and attached the chain to the roosters (thru the eyes...ouch!) and then hung the chains from the holes along the edge of the mold.  Attached another chain to the top of the finial and walla...instant wind chime.  Of course I have to give credit to Rabbit since he had created a wind chime similar to this one but using some 10 to 12 roosters.

Here is the result...



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Need a Hand

No new projects, so thought I would showcase some past pieces.  The first one is something that Rabbit created for his daughter, Brittany, to display her jewelry.  He took several items that had been sitting in the garage for several years...bought from junk stores and Round Top.  Using an old wood plinth block he added a painted mannequin hand and some metal hooks and this is the result.

Will hold a ton of jewelry...and she has a ton of it!  But that is exactly why she went into the jewelry making business. 

Check out the Etsy Bloggers Team article that showcased her and her jewelry.

Below is a small piece I created for our artist friends in Mississippi who dream of having their own BarBQue business one day.  They can smoke up a great brisket that keeps you coming back for more.  I actually created this piece, not telling the friends and then asked them if they had their business what would they name it...and after they ran through several renditions using their family name they finally decided on Shaw Co. BarBQue... exactly what I had painted.  Was so glad because I wasn't creating a different one!