Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn - Leaves turning, cool days and Halloween!

Have been keeping the windows open lately, letting the cool breezes infiltrate through each room of the house. These are days I relish.  I seem to become more creative this time of year.  Don't know if the crisp sharp air clears out the cobwebs of my head that have grown over the hot sweltering summer, whatever the reason, I love it!

I can remember when my older sister and I were in Elementary school and on Halloween Day we would rush home from school and run into my bedroom and throw open the closet door and start digging through the toys and clothes searching for two tattered cardboard boxes with clear cellophane openings in the front that were only holding on by one corner at that point.  These boxes held the two kitty cat Halloween costumes that we wore every single year until Junior High School. The thin plastic masks with the elastic band that held it tight to your face and the fire retardant capes that tied around your neck. Similar to the ones found on this website.  Looking at the price of some of these, I wish I still had mine! 
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It was never about the costume, it was always about THE CANDY!  Daylight Savings Time had past already so it starting getting dark around 5:30pm.  We sat waiting for it to get dark enough to leave the house and start the night's haunt.  We would walk the neighborhood until we couldn't walk anymore.  Being in Houston, Texas is was still pretty hot and we would come home dripping in sweat, hair plastered to our heads and the masks now sitting on top of our heads, but the candy bags were FULL!  We would empty the bags out onto the floor and our mom would go through all of it before we could start diggin' in.  Oh to be young again and have the stomach to handle all that sugar!

I want to share my latest found object assemblage.  I created this piece to donate to the United Way Silent Auction we were having at work.  After I finished this one-of-a-kind Halloween art piece, I really really wanted to keep it and not donate it....BUT I had already committed to donation and could not back out!  After the auction started I had an idea, I would bid on it myself, but felt bad, so I ask Rabbit to bid on it for me...sad, sad, I know, but it is just so cute!  Well, thanks to my surprise Rabbit won the piece back and it now resides comfortably in my home where it will remain for many years to come.
Shadowland Witch - croquet ball head;
cow horn hat; candy tin body;
sugar tong arms; candy mold feet;
pencil broom stick

Yes, the name on the candy tin is



Anonymous said...

She's hauntingly beautiful!!

MissKitt said...

Yes, she is definitely "hauntingly" beautiful. I name all of my witches "Stella".

Diane Cook said...

Barbara...saw your post on Steph's HMC as I will be in this session as well.
I wanted to tell you (if you don't already know) that Stephanie will be teaching at Adorn Me 2011! Do you know about this new jewelry only venue??
If not, come visit...or email me. I will tell you more =)

Leslie Todd said...

Barbara, saw your post too on homesteaders. I love your witch! My son and I are getting ready to start messing with some robot-tiques, ie. robots made out of whatever we can find. He doesn't know it but it's my sneaky way of teaching him to use tools.