Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monkey Business

The Monkey Business started about six years ago. A running joke between Rabbit and Bunny's dad. Monkey cards are always given on holidays and birthdays. Monkeys are dressed up with bunny ears for Easter, Monkey Nutcrackers are presents at Christmas, and below is the Oscar winning "Lonesome Chimp" that Rabbit made for Dad a couple of Christmas' ago. One of Dad's favorite books and movies is "Lonesome Dove," so when we came across the cowboy sock monkey we knew we had a winner.
Dad this post is in honor of you...keep up the monkey business! We love you so much!

Lonesome Chimp - Small wood drawer, cowboy sock monkey,
horseshoe, barbed wire swizel sticks, western charms, bottle caps.

1 comment:

Jen D. said...

Wow...y'all are so creative!! I'm sad that I didn't receive the "creative" gene that is floating around in our family DNA :-( Love the blog, just getting over to check it out!