Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bone Dry

Rabbit here;
A trip to the Texas Hill Country over the holiday weekend found much of the land and lakes parched! Lake Travis is down more than 37 ft. and you can walk across much of the bottom of the lake. Wish we had time to hop around all that exposed bottom, no telling what we would have found. Judging by all the grass growing in the picture it will be time to bail the bottom soon. Makes you wonder when you see the billboards advertising "water front lots"...
Rabbit Find...
Der Daschunt!
Bunny remembers her grand rabbits having a weiner dog foot scraper just like this. It dissapeared over the years and she has been looking for one to adopt. Well at the City Wide Garage Sale in Austin she discovered this heavy hound weighing in at just under 30 lbs..and at about 1/10th of the going market value!
A most excellent find... rating 24 carrots. But dang it's heavy to haul around! Glad we parked close!

Researched this exact one on the internet
prices range from $185 for $235...
we got it for a mere $25

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