Sunday, September 13, 2009

Neither Rain, nor Sleet, nor Snow

...will keep us Rabbits from hopping to an estate sale or antique market. Raining here for three days and boy do we need it. Saturday morning we got up early and stood in line in the rain outside a large home in Highland Park for an estate sale. They would only let ten people in at a time every 10 minutes. Good thing we got there early, and we did happen to have an umbrella in the car. Here are some pics of the treasures we got away with.

Some nice linens and bandanas.

A really nice American Flag and
can you guess what the other item is?
Not sure what the official name is but
it's a traveling cane / stool. The seat part
folds up and you can use it as a cane.
Something that might come in handy for
Round Top Antique Fair at the end of
this month.

The greatest treasure of all...
something Rabbit has been wanting for years.
An English Arts & Crafts style revolving bookcase.
It is so cool!

Today is another wet day, perfect for a large bowl of Rabbit's spaghetti. So I leave you with this piece I did for my friend TJ, "the Pasta Queen". Sorry the pics are a little blurry.
"Dinner Tonight - Pasta & Wine" --
Antique wooden tray, wine corkers, corks
game letters, vintage pasta images, and
antique curtain rod topper...I think.

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