Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Antique City, Texas -- Rabbit posting

...that would be Warrenton, Texas! Home of the largest junk-tique festival in the Southwest.  Twice a year antique-a-haulics gather to buy and sell everything you can imagine and things...you can't.  Was a good show this fall with many dealers filling all the fields from La Bahia all the way down to Oldenburg.  What a menagerie of gee gaws, stuff and deals.

We spent 7 days hopping through the fields...searching, pilfering and finding some great deals with Rabbit's oldest offspring, Brittany Wende, marine wife of Lieutenant, James Wende, who is serving in Afghanistan.

Saw some pretty cool stuff that was outragiously priced and then some deals that could not be passed up...like this

A Stella guitar for $5...another project guitar to turn
into art. We have three others in the garage already! yikes!

Bunny findings.

Ball jars to store stuff in, a cute metal hanging cabinet,
some metal claw feet, spice cans and some nice clean
french grain sacks. (click on pic for a close up look)

...some ART!

Rabbit searched for his favorite item...books! Much looking yielded a few gems to add to my collection of books on mysticisum, astrology and of course...Sermons By the Devil!

Of course I had to purchase some "rabbitry" for our collection...

"A good Texas mascot always keeps his horns high..."

Take a look at Brittany's blog BWSilver to read her posting about the antique venture.

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