Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Fall Y'all....Bunny posting

The feel of the wind is crisp, the smell of wood burning fireplaces that catch your senses and bring back memories of camping as a kid and sitting around a fire being told ghost stories, and then there is the yearning to hibernate in the hole on these chilly mornings.  I Love Fall!!!!  It is my favorite of all the seasons.

A little late posting this since Halloween was last weekend...but thought you would like to take a look-see anyway.
It's a wreath I made for Halloween to put on our front door.  I bought a deep fryer wire basket at Warrenton to be my base.  I then purchased some sweaters from the thrift store for next to nothing.  I cut them up into strips and then tied them through the basket.  Here are some pics...sorry I didn't take any in mid-process..dang it!

And I will leave you with a piece I painted last year. Reminds me of the year Rabbit dressed up as Charlie Chaplin for Halloween...wish I knew where those pic where.

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