Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Year

Bunny reporting... With 2009 behind us, we are taking the month of January to relax at home and ponder what lies ahead for 2010.  Rabbit is getting new eyes this month.  Getting Crystalens put in both eyes.  One eye is done and the next one will be done in a few weeks.  He is so looking forward to being able to see without glasses. 
Got the news this week that Rabbit's oldest offspring and her Marine hubby will be moving back to Texas from North Carolina. YAY! They will only be four hours away in Amarillo!!  We are so excited. 
For the next few weeks we will be featuring items that I created as Christmas presents.  All items are found object assemblage.  I got on a role and couldn't stop.  I'll start off the reaveal with "Hunter" and "Big Cheese".

"Hunter" - Old lantern (light bulb turned around for face),
the horns are an antique drawer handle, legs are door stops,

and the tail is a bbq sauce brush.

"Big Cheese" - Cheese grater body, metal kitchen timer head,
biscuit cutter face, spoon ears, cookie mold feet,
and oil can tail.

1 comment:

crabbypatti said...

Dad loved his "Hunter Deer" can tell you pit a piece of your Heart in each piece......Please can I have a small mouse?????.....soooooooo cute !!!!!!