Sunday, January 24, 2010

On the Wall

These next two found object assemblages were created to hang on the wall.  One resembles a subject of a Picasso painting and the other is fashioned after a Wizard of Oz character searching for his heart.  Most of the items I picked for these pieces were once used in someone's kitchen...not knowing that years down the road they would become part of a work of art.  Here is the reveal...

"Nanny Tin Panny" - strainer pan head; shoe brush hair;
jello mold eyes; fence topper eyebrows; nutmeg grater nose;

mellon baller mouth; candy mold ears; hot tea strainer earring

"Tinman Davis" - Folger's can body;
Davis biscuit cutter head; oil can hat;
measuring spoon arms; spool legs

1 comment:

crabbypatty said...

this is sooooo make each object so special because you tie it to the person in the most wonderful ways.....