Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dog, Cat, Frog - More than just 1st grade words

Bunny present...
Well I haven't hopped into the studio since the holidays.  It is still a severe mess. Just wish the weather would warm up enough for me to crawl out from the warm warren so I can at least clean off my desk. Wish there was a contest for the messiest studio...I could definitely win...see for yourselves.

The last of the projects I created for my family for Christmas are about to be revealed.  Besides being art these three are also handy dandy storage units.

We'll start with a doggie design that instead of chasing the mailman, he will hold your mail.

"Springfield" - letter holder body; clothes hanger head;
cabinet door catch nose; dice feet

With this next guy you can hold your lunch, well maybe not anymore, but it is purrr-fect for holding precious possessions.

"Lunchbox Kitty" - workman lunchbox body;
view master head; skate key mouth;
screen door spring tail; jello mold feet

The last of the found object assemblages will sit nicely on a shelf and on those hot summer days can help you out by holding a mouth full of ....say flys.

"Friggin' Frog" - bait box head; film canister eyes;
food processor body; food tong arms;
jello mold feet

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crabbypattie said...

I am sooooo lucky to have this wonderful frog....all the things Babara makes are just magical...they make you happy just having them around you and my froggie actually ribbits....but only to me.....