Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Texas Antique Week -- Warrenton, Round Top

Waves and waves of rusty metal, crisp linens, chippy furniture, cowboy boots, garden ornaments, stained glass, old screen doors, broken doll heads and art.

These babies were priced at $425. We have one in our
kitchen we made.  Bought the industrial whisk for $8
at antique store and the light kit at HD for $15...

And lets not forget all the taxidermy, including a sequin covered boars head!  ...yes, what every person wants in their house!

Wonderful weather was the order of the week, except maybe the great gusts of wind blowing tent flaps too hard and knocking over a vendor's collection of glass gee-gaws.  We had a great week in Warrenton and Round Top.  If it isn't there, it doesn't exist!
Rabbit and I hopped our little paws off day after day looking for those one-of-a-kind treasures from the past that grab at your heart strings when you lay eyes on them, and then take your breath away when you look at the price because you know you have just found the bargain of the week.  Your heart is beating rapidly knowing that you can probably get it for even less...maybe, just maybe. 

I had been searching for a european linen bed sheet to place on the bed so that the doglettes could sleep on and not hair up the nice comforter.  I figured since linen is "in" right now and it is easy to wash, it would be the perfect thing...that is until I saw how expensive they were.  Even ones with stains and repairs were in the $75 range...kinda high for a dog blanket.  Then into a booth I walk, no vendor around, there was a small bed covered with some stray rose printed sheets from the 50s and laying neatly folded under a pillow was a white euro linen sheet with no price tag...dang, where was the vendor?  I turn around and a cute little lady walks in and sees that I'm holding the euro sheet, I ask, how much for your linen sheet?  I'll take $15.  Gulp!  I thought, it must have holes in it somewhere or a big nasty stain that even boiling water and lemon juice can't get out.  I unfold it and take a closer look...not finding any flaws except a slight yellowing in one area.  She sees I'm inspecting it closer and says, well, I could take $12 for it. 

We just can't get enough of the rush that these adventures bring to us. This year we made sure we couldn't buy anything large by not bringing the BAT (big-ass-truck) along to haul stuff home in.  We had to limit ourselves to the smaller treasures of long ago.  Next posting will be of those.

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