Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things and Deals and Stuff

So sorry for the delay in posting.  Rabbit and I celebrated our anniversary at Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana over the weekend.  It was a wonderful gift from a wonderful man.

I promised pics of the loot we brought home from Antique Week. So enjoy.

sewing machine drawers; cast iron flowers; brass keyhole;
Triumph stickshift knob; brass picture nails, etc.

chrome drawer pulls; sheet music holder;
chrome sugar bowl; brass clampers;
wooden thingy (can you guess what I will turn that into?)

coffee sack burlap; crochet balls; belt buckles

If you have seen my art you will know how most of
the items above will come in handy.

Rabbit's loot

Rabbit came away with these items: an old microphone; guitar neck from the estate of Rusty Cox, a Texas Hill Country musician; some 45 brass shells; and an old goat head.  Rabbit had to buy the goat head after the conversation that happened...
we're in the booth with many other women, he picks up the goat head and turns to me and asks... do you want an old goat?  Okay ladies, can you guess what my response was?  --No thanks, I already have an old goat.--  Ha! Ha!  A lady standing near by  looks at him and tells him, you set yourself up for that one, didn't ya?  It was hysterical!  Poor Rabbit...gotta love him!

A few more pics of some interesting things we saw in the fields of Central Texas.

skeleton made of various cow bones
(at least that's what we hope they were)

honey comb

Rabbit with a childhood favorite "The Shamrock Dino"

Dog in a pot.

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