Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best of Show - Two Years in a Row! YAY!

The OMOT Show this year was amazing.  There were so many GREAT entries from co-workers and their family members.  There was a lot of photography in this year's show.  All the First Place, People's Choice, and Best of Show will be displayed at North Park Mall in Dallas beginning September 19.  I believe the show runs for two weeks.  Winners from businesses all over North Texas will be displayed.  If you get a chance please come out and take a look at what great artists there are that have real daytime jobs.

I first want to show off Zach's project that we entered in the Sculpture category.  We thought is was very worthy of being in an art show and it really should have won a ribbon, but sadly did not.
This is a Tennis Shoe, make entirely of masking tape.  Yes, the whole shoe is nothing but tape.  It is the exact size of his actual shoe that he used as a model.  When Zach was younger he use to make wallets out of duct tape, so he had lots of practice with the sticky substance.

Just look at the detail he put into this!
Even the stitching...Amazing!

My one photography entry this year is titled "Southern Relics".  While driving on the back roads of Louisiana this past Spring, my eye caught a glimpse of something under the trees.  I made Russell turn the car around...which wasn't as easy as it sounds, being that we were in the middle of swamp land.  There sitting under a huge oak tree was this old truck.  The way the sun was shining through the trees onto the truck gave me the sense that the Lord was putting His spotlight on an old relic that was still a thing of beauty.

Now for the ribbon winners.  On the last post I showed you two of the pieces I placed in the Sculpture category of the show..."Big Cheese" and "Lunchbox Kitty".  
"Big Cheese" won Second place and "Lunchbox Kitty" won Honorable Mention.  The third Found Object Assemblage I entered won First Place and BEST OF SHOW!!!
"Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"...I really should rename this to "Bird Girl" much shorter.
After seeing the movie and reading the book, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", Russell and I took a trip to Savannah, Georgia.  We fell in love with the great Southern atmosphere and the hospitality of the people who live there.  I wanted to create a piece of art that represented the historical charm of that part of the country and the 'bird girl' statue truly does that.

Cookie tin body; clock head; jello mold skirt.

Bird... head: electronic's knob; body: whistle;
tail: violin tail piece; feet: curtain clip

Base is an antique telephone box
with metal furniture feet.

Thanks to all my followers who come to our blog and leave comments, I truly appreciate your love and support in my little hobby.  I would like to get more followers here, so I have been thinking about doing a little GIVE-AWAY!  A little something I will make and give out to a random follower.  I'll post more details about it later.  If you are not currently a follower please sign up, it doesn't hurt, I promise!  Send our link to others that you think would be interested and encourage them to sign up also...OKAY!

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